The two hospitals serving 103,000 residents were damaged after Hurricanes Irma and Maria.  In addition, many medical clinics in the territory suffered not only extensive physical property damage, but also power outages.  Clinics had no power or had to rely on generator power for weeks and months after the storms.  As clinics restore, rebuild and prepare, USVISTRONG.ORG will directly fund fixed costs to ease the financial burden the clinics have had to bear to re-establish operation. 
"The “iggi Project”, an initiative created by VI Holistic Health Consultant and retire nurse, Joan Bennett-Williams, provides Virgin Island children, parents, and educators with tools to explore and process emotional stresses after traumatic experiences such as a hurricane.  The iggi Project, first introduced to the Virgin Islands in 1995 after Hurricane Marilyn impacted the Territory, is now funded through CFVI.
The toolkit includes a coloring book, the iggi storybook, teacher’s manuals, and parent guides.  The iggi Project was landed at the Pistarkle Theatre camp shortly after the hurricanes.  Since then, the iggi team has engaged children, staff, and parents through puppet shows and expressive dance at various community centers, family events, and schools." 
USVISTRONG.ORG supports the expansion of the iggi Project from St. Thomas to all of the U.S. Virgin Islands and will provide a version of the coloring book in Spanish.
Here's a great article on the iggi Project : St. Thomas Source
Elevators in medical buildings are in need of repair. Disabled patients are unable to access their medical care as a result of out-of-service elevators.  

Your donation would fund the assessment, repair and service of critical elevators in the territory.  Can you help?  Contact us at

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